Image Editor Not Saving Edits

Hi. I’m new here and new to Concrete5 as well. I write posts for our web site and typically get images from 123RF to use in each post that are posted weekly in Social Media sites like Facebook, etc. We recently started migrating all the posts (about 30 so far) over to our web site, and recently I noticed that the images following migrating, are oriented at their center. i.e. a picture of a person, for example, will have the head cut off.

I’ve been using the Image Editor to crop and place the image properly, however, after Finalizing the Crop and then saving, my changes do not show up on the main site. Then when I go back to the editor, I discover that the edit is no longer being displayed. It has reverted to its “center orientation.”

First of all, is this a known problem? I’ve checked the User Manual for help, but the Image Editor section simply says “you can do such and such.” A programmer consultant we use suggested a specific order for doing the edits, and that if we “play around” with different settings, we can resolve the issue. That has not worked for us either.

I hope this is happening because we’re doing something basically wrong, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing back.


What version of Concrete CMS are you using? Also, what, if any, add-ons or themes are installed? How are you migrating the posts? What order of steps are you taking?

I tried editing a thumbnail in the latest version (9.0.2) using the built-in Toast UI Image editor and it seemed to save as expected.