Image Gallery Layout

Hi, I want to add an image slider/gallery to my page using concrete. I tried adding the gallery block to an area but the images are displayed one on top of the other and the full width of the screen. How does one edit the layout of the gallery to make the images display side by side or in a grid layout? The same block seems to be behaving in the way I want it to in the user guide here.

What theme are you using? The core slider and gallery blocks are optimised for the core Atomik and Elemental themes and will usually work with other bootstrap based themes (but maybe not all). Other themes would need to include styling for the core slider and gallery blocks.

I’m using my own theme I made with html and css. Can I style the block my self with code?

Yes, for your own theme you will need to provide your own css for galley and slider styling. Have a look at how Elemental or Atomik style the blocks, either by reading code or creating a new site to experiment with and using the browser dev console.

There are also many free and paid slider and gallery addons in the marketplace, some of which provide all their own styling. For example, my own Omni Gallery is independent of front-end theme. Omni Gallery - Concrete CMS

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Thank you. I had a look at your addon earlier and I must say, it looks fantastic. The price is a little steep for me but if I can’t figure out how to style the block my self, I will probably go with your addon. I appreciate you giving me tips to do it my self despite having a product to sell. Cheers man!