Image Slider in Elemental Theme

I am using Concrete5 Version 8.5.4 and having trouble with default homepage image slider before and after adding new image in it.
I have attached screenshot to show-in the actual issue.
The image “Screenshot.png” show just after changing the default image with a new one with change in “Title” and “Description”.
Why in my case image and Title+Description merged one over another; I need just like in first image i.e. like default image slider view.

I am appreciating for any help to make it as default.


@Ruby21 If you don’t want the title and description to appear on top of the image, you should leave those fields blank.

I have the same issue with version 9.0.1. The problem is that one DOES want the title and description to appear, but the way they appear is unacceptable, and in order to change the weight and/or color of the font, or even better their position relative to the image, one would have to intervene in css or html, while it seems to be impossible via end-user of CMS tools, like it used to be in the formerly available versions. To me it means, that the development of Concrete CMS goes toward developers rather than users. This endangers position of the platform as it’s user frendliness used to be the highest attractor in the past.
Or maybe I am wrong, and someone can suggest the way out? To keep it short: How can an editor of the content easily manage fonts in the writable boxes in version 9.0.1?

Fonts are specified by a theme and the core slider block formats according to the theme. It is intended as a very basic slider that acts as a starting point for custom template development. So as you note, re-styling the core slider block beyond what your theme already does will require some developer capability in html, php and css.

When developing any block, there is always a trade off between flexibility of what the block does and complexity of the interface. For an ultimately flexible block you would need an interface that almost as complicated as coding the block in the first place.

In the marketplace, blocks are classified from green (beginner) to black (bleeding edge) based on such an assessment of their interface.

Various slider and gallery addons in the marketplace provide more control from the block edit dialogue over colour, size, heading level and placement of overlay text (including my Omni Gallery - concrete5). But as far as I know, no such blocks provide font selection.

You can adjust the text font size and colour in the block design menu and in some cases text overlays for the slider will show text using those changes.

Thanks for your kind replies.
I have taken a quick look at your Omni Gallery - concrete5 (which now is already ConcreteCMS - isn’t it?). I looks very promising and we will have to take a closer look to it in a due time (i.e. when our deal-flow would justify further investments).
Right now, I’ll return to my earlier point, which was concerned with the direction of the developments around the “concrete” idea.
I have built a site based on version As a standard I had the following menu to my disposal in each content block:
It contained both the CSS icon and the html icon which was making all adjustments easy without any need to style or theme - right where it was needed.
After 9 years this version is not supported any more and for the 9.0.1 version the standard menu is much poorer.
I do understand that such policies are developers friendly and I do understand that developers SHOULD be remunerated for their activities. My point, however, is that ConcreteCMS seems to give up a big part if it’s market, resigning from it’s biggest advantage over all other CMS platforms - i.e. from ability of any end-user to make much of customization from the front-end. This makes me sad.
If, based on your huge experience, you see a mistake in my observation, and if, maybe it stems from my ignorance and lack of knowledge of the existing features of version 9.0.1, I’d be indebted for hint or advice.
Once more thanks for your time.

In v8/v9, you can enable extra controls in the rich text editor on the dashboard page at /dashboard/system/basics/editor

Some of the controls equivalent to what you used to have in c5.6 can be enabled there.

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You are very right, thank you. In some instances this may help a lot. I owe you a beer or a few. :beer: