Images not showing


I made a website for my sister some years back. Now the images will not show up. I can see them in the file browser, but nothing comes up in the website.

login: admin/redacted

Can some one take a quick look and see what I missed?

I hope you will be changing that password soon because any black-hat could get in there and leave something sleeping and nasty for later.

I had a quick look. Images are all showing OK in the dashboard and edit dialogs. Nothing in the c5 environment suggests anything that would be causing the issue.

All the images on pages I looked at are in image blocks. You could try adding an image in a content block to see if that is any different. (a long shot)

If there are any front end image CDN or proxies configured, I would start suspecting the settings in such.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will change the password and contact the web hosting company

Have you cleared the cache? Just as a first step?

You really need to update your version of C5 including any php updates and security issues!
Connot beleave you r still using 5.6?

Is it a big procedure? I made this websitein 2014 and haven`´t looked at it since

I didnt update since the whole structure of C5 changed with 5.7

You should at least upgrade to the latest legacy version:

That version includes security fixes and is compatible with PHP 7.