Importing Express Entries with Migration Tool

I got all excited today because I thought it would be pretty straightforward to insert 30+ records into an express object via import tool, but I’ve hit a roadblock.

There’s definitely no HTML in my XML. I’ve triple checked my XML but I’m still getting :

 Load error! (SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<br /> <b>"... is not valid JSON)  

When I look in the logs, there’s lots of these :

Exception Occurred: /home/customer/www/ Call to a member function driver() on null (0)

Has anyone succesfully imported Express entries with Migration Tool. Seems possible, but maybe it’s not quite implemented.

The Export worked perfectly with the sample record I already had in the Entity. Even when I try to re-import this sample XML exported from the same system, it triggers the above.

This is the sample export:

<concrete5-cif version="1.0">
		<entry entity="supporter">
				<attributekey handle="supporter_name">
					<value>Friday Design</value>
				<attributekey handle="supporter_subtitle">
				<attributekey handle="supporter_link">
				<attributekey handle="supporter_level">

@fridayphoto thanks for uncovering this bug. This pull request fixes the issue: Fix Undefined property: $mappers by wordish · Pull Request #40 · concretecms/migration_tool · GitHub

You can replace packages/migration_tool/src/PortlandLabs/Concrete5/MigrationTool/Batch/Validator/Pipeline/Stage/ValidateExpressAttributesStage.php with this version of the file if you don’t want to wait for the pull request to be accepted:

Let me know if you run into any other issues with the tool.