Install emty atomik v 9.1.3

I have a very basic question.

What is the difference between installing 9.1.3 with atomik or elemental.

I understand, the atomik install includes bedrock and documentation.
But where are the differences in code. I don’t know, Im not an expert. But see different behaviour.

What I need is an emty atomik install. How do I achieve that?

Concrete comes pre-installed with both themes, regardless of which one you choose at install time. To get an empty Atomik install, you can install Concrete with the “Empty site with Elemental” option selected, then when the install is done, you can activate the Atomik theme.

They’re not too much different, other than different styling of blocks and other elements of page content, and the Atomik theme has more up-to-date programming.

Thanks for your reply.
Exactly these differences I would like to know. Can you elaborate on this?

The best way to observe an answer your question would be to activate them in your site and look at the differences you specifically want to know more about.

@CoDa_ZRH @s2d
The differences are dramatic.

The best method today is to install a full service with Atomik and remove the pre-installed content.

Probably with version 9.2 fixes will come.

Thanks for that information.
I’m surprised! You are saying to remove everything what atomik installs and then install and activate my theme?
Wow, what a CMS.
This CMS is packed with great features but unable to provide an easy and correct method of installing my own theme.

Are there more ways to do this properly instead of waiting for 9.2?

I don’t know how to install your own theme, but unfortunately, this is the situation after installing an empty Atomik. Will you get access to everything? I don’t know.
Here’s a little more info on why it’s the only way.