Installation Error - Gateway Timeout

Been trying to install concrete 5 - 9.2.4 on one of my servers.
Currently running Almalinux 8.9 with PHP 8.1.27 and continually get Gateway Timeout errors and installation stops.
I’ve extended max execution time to 180 sec and also tries PHP 7.4.33 and PHP 8.0.33 and all give the same error.
I tried installing just a basic install and still no change.
I tried on a different server running PHP 8.2.12 - no change.
These are dedicated servers running excess specs to requirements and have no problems installing other software, Joomla, Wordpress etc but they give errors with Conctete5.
Any ideas?

Update: I tried installing Concrete version 8.5.14. I had to set PHP to version 7.4.33 and it installed okay.
I tried to do an update through the update option to version 9.1.1 and it gives the same Timeout error.
I went back into environment information and it stated that it was running version 9.1.1
I went into update again and it stated the 9.1.2 was available so I tried that, it worked so I installed 9.1.2, then 9.2.1, 9.2.2 then 9.2.3 and finally 9.2.4.
I then updated PHP to 8.1.27 and so far it’s working?!
As another test, I tried installing concrete 9.2.4 with a different domain and “Gateway Timeout error!”

If you have SSH access it’s a lot more reliable to run install/upgrade functions on the CLI. Here is the documentation for this - Command line interface (CLI) commands

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I’ll try that today on one of my spare domains and see if the CLI option works.