Integrate "Slider Revolution" in version 9.xx?

The “Slider Revolution” is a great slider, unfortunatley he is only working in wordpress. Under C5 v. 5.6.xx there was a theme (supermint) running with the slider revolution. Maybe there is a developer who is able to integrated it (maybe with a add on?). Of course, each user must purchase the license themselves.


We have had slider revolution based addons submitted to the PRB in the past (though not for a couple of years). Unfortunately they were unacceptable because the underlying JavaScript didn’t play fair with other scripts and broke stuff unnecessarily.

Perhaps slider revolution’s JavaScript has moved on since then. For any developer approaching this, please beware.

Hi John, yes the slider wasn’t always clean. Maybe the new version has developed further and someone in our community would be able to do it.

Every time I’ve looked at these big slideshow libraries, I’ve always hit a concern about licensing - I’ve often found the definitions of ‘extended’ licences very unclear.

Do none of these cut it?

@ TMDesigns
Not quite, except for the Whale Slider, but that is not available for v9.xx (yet).