Internatiionalize without adding a language

I have a site that used the Internationalization features to build out 2 additional languages but they are modernizing the site to 9.2 and we don’t really want to add language trees because there are other real-time solutions that didn’t exist 10 years ago. The issue is that the old URL’s for the English/US tree have /en in them and the new site does not. I tried to just click ‘Save settings’ on the Multilingual functions in 9.2 without adding any languages hoping it would just add the /en tree but that didn’t happen. I really don’t want ‘phantom’ cruft in the dashboard by adding a language we’ll never use. Can anyone think of a way to add the /en in my paths so we don’t create a bunch of 404’s on Search results? There are a lot of pages and I don’t feel like adding additional URL’s to all of them unless there’s a ‘bulk’ way to do that that I can’t see. Can I add a page called ‘en’ under Home and move my entire site below that? That seems like a hack. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thx. I’ll give that a try and see what happens.

Wow. Ok then. You have absolutely no idea what’s going on in my life that might prevent me from revisiting this in your time frame. It’s WAAAAY down my list right now. I’ll be sure to report back when I get a chance to try your idea.

Well, since concreteOwl has decided to take his football and go home, I’ll report the results for posterity. His suggestion was to add ‘/en’ to the beginning of the cPath contained in the pagePath table for all pages ‘above’ the system pages (i.e. /dashboard) however I discovered that packages add dashboard pages all the time so I did the following:

UPDATE PagePaths set cPath = CONCAT(‘/en’, cPath) WHERE cPath NOT REGEXP ‘/dashboard|/!’`

Long story short, this worked BUT as I moved pages around in the Sitemap, some were losing their ‘/en’ in the path so I decided to abandon this idea for fear that it was causing unintended consequences that might not be detected until the whole site got messed up. Thanks for the suggestion. It was a good thought.