Internationalization with multi-site setup

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a challenge for which I hope you have some experience or tips.
I have a website, The website used to be aimed at the dutch market and ex-pats within the dutch market, so it is both in Dutch and English.

During Covid, we also expanded to other regions of Europe but never really found the best way to integrate English for Nederlands and English for Europe.

We do offer courses, which means that we have dates and course locations, however, these should preferably not be visible for everyone, only people in the visiting country, and some for everyone.

My manager asked if it is possible to make a german version. and I’ve been looking into multi-site setup,
and now I’m thinking about cloning the site into 3 websites
website 1, a website for the Netherlands with Dutch and English
website 2, a website for the german market with German and English
website 3, English only

What I’m hesitant about is how to make this manageable, all three English sites should be equal except for the planning and pricing.

course planning is currently done using child pages with tags with information,

I had a site like this that had UK, FR and US specific info and pricing and depending which site you went to it gave you slightly different price and address.

We used the multilingual function on the site and then just displayed values based on the location. In the code we passed the pages which lang/loc they were using and then passed the right data. Concrete has some functions for pulling this info so you can then code away.