Invalid form token on login

Using Chrome Browser, whenever I login to any version of the CMS or in fact to this community site, I get an error message saying…

Invalid form token. Please reload this form and submit again.

Even though it shows the message I am still logged in, so wondering why this comes up?

Thanks for any advice. Dean.

Hi Dean, What version of chrome are you using? Are you able to test a different browser?
Thank you,

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Hi @jessicadunbar
Is invalid token error due to browser or any other reason?
Is this error also occurs when you visit to your Dashboard or browse dashboard?


Hi Jess, i’m using version Version 105.0.5195.102
didn’t seem to do it this time, how bizarre?

It only happened in Chrome. Strangely it’s not doing it now?

Nice - so you’re able to login just fine now?

Yes thanks, all seems fine now.