Invalid Page Version Notification will not go away

Just installed V9.1.3.
On my homepage I am getting a notification that " Page Version 3 Submitted for Approval." Clicking Review pops up a window that simply says: " An unexpected error occurred.
Invalid parameters."

I see no way to remove the notification, so far as I can tell this is for an old version that I no longer need/desire. How do I remove the notification?

Hi Dudleys,

I’m getting the same issue here on a site that we’ve just made live. Did you find a solution?



Sadly, no. Was hoping to get a reply from someone with a fix.

same for me on 9.2, very annoying, would be nice to be able to turn that off.

This could be attributed to a broken workflow. Solutions are

  1. Remove the workflow by manually editing the database tables.

  2. I think there is still a workflow killer somewhere on GitHub.

  3. My Extreme Clean addon includes a workflow cleaner.

Since I can quickly restore my database backups, I deleted all records from WorkflowProgress, now it looks good again.
Thanks for pointing this out, John.
I will certainly buy the add-on occasionally anyway.