Is anyone still downloading marketplace addons/themes for v8 sites?

The reason I ask is that keeping back compatibility for v8 from addons that are primarily maintained for v9.latest can be a big overhead for developers.

There are a lot of v8 sites out there. But how many of them are in active development, downloading and configuring new addons or themes from the marketplace?

I don’t choose version 8 for new websites, but there are some clients still using version 8. Sometimes they want to add a new add-on.

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I agree with hissy. I still have plenty of v8 sites that are active and still on occasions require further updating and development work. Going back to clients and discussing the costs of updating their website to v9 when their site is only a couple of years old doesn’t go down well.

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Totally agree. And, I keep a lot of my client’s websites on Version 8 because most (or a large amount of) addons are not V9 compatible yet…

Hi John!
The thing is that one of the most popular themes, Fundamental, never released a v9 update, so as long as you can upgrade the theme, you will need all the add ons to be v8…