Is imagick available on PHP 8.1?

I have installed a V9.1.3 site on a new hosting account which had defaulted to PHP 8.1. I noticed that the extension imagick is not there. Is this with just my host or is it expected that this option will not be available on future versions?

It should be available, I’ve just checked one of my cPanel accounts and it’s there available as a module when I pick 8.1.

I seem to recall that when PHP8.1 first came out imagick lagged behind a bit in terms of support, there was a period of time where I wondered whether it had been dropped or similar as it just wasn’t there. But it’s definitely available now.

Strange as that isn’t list of extensions I am seeing for 8.1. I will keep an eye on it and maybe get in touch with the host.

On cPanel, just above ‘PHP Extensions’ on Mesuva’s screenshot, there should be a link to ‘Options’. If you go to that page and look in the list of disabled functions, it might be listed in there. Just delete it form the list and then return to the Extensions page and it should be listed as available. This has caught me out before!

If that doesn’t work, I think contacting the host will be the best thing!



Thanks, I will have a look in the options tab to see if it has just been disabled.