Is it possible to add SEO data to topics?

I am currently using concrete5 version 8.5.12 and PHP 7.4.33. I’m looking to find out whether it’s possible to optimise Topics for SEO with different meta titles and descriptions? At the moment I am only able to edit the name of the Topic.

A URL is generated for the Topic page eg. /topic/number/topicname but the meta data seems to be set globally for all topics across all these URLs without any way to change them.

Any information on this would be great! It would be nice to optimise the Topic URLs to add extra content as well as the meta data.


Hmm not that I know of - might make a good feature request if you were to make a feature request issue.

Hi Evan,

Cheers for getting back to me :slight_smile:

I’ll pop something in there.

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