Is there an issue/error updating add-ons

Hi there.

Just wondering if anyone has noticed any issues with marketplace relating to updating add-ons?

I spotted a bit of an issue in a theme I purchased a while back and the developer has kindly updated it, but I’m now struggling with the process of installing the update for the theme to fix the issue for my site.

I’m pretty new to concreteCMS and this is the first time I’m stumbling through the process, so please forgive me if this is a really stupid question.
From what I’ve been able to work out the process looks like it should be pretty seamless and straightforward through the dashboard or my concrete licenses page, but none of these options seems to be working for me.

To save repeating myself, the support thread and screenshots for these issues can be found here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m hoping I’m just making and obvious rookie error… :wink:

I’ve read the support thread. You may need to manually install the updates. Unzip the .zip Xanweb sent you and upload the files to the /packages folder of your concrete install. After upload you should see an option to update the package from within the dashboard at /dashboard/extend/install

I’m having trouble updating add-ons from the marketplace (MP) as well. The developer has updated the version but nothing I can do in C5 seems to trigger it to recognise there is a new version. I have uninstalled the add-on (and lost data) and also de associated it with my install and re-associated it but still it will not download the newer version of the software. I don’t have access to the files to upload them directly to the server for it to recognise it as it all was downloaded directly from the C5 MP. I’m on ver 9.1.1

Figured it out…

Finally - I worked out how to upgrade, bit of a saga…

  1. Navigate to your MarketPlace Projects page and “Release From Project” the XXX Add-On.
  2. Navigate to your profile in MarketPlace (the head icon) and click on Purchase History.
  3. Under the Edit Profile click on Licenses on the right hand side
  4. Click on the black text “download archive” which will save the package onto your computer.
  5. Next FTP to your web server and delete the “XXX” folder in the /packages directory.
  6. Extract the ZIP archive that you downloaded in step 4 to your local computer.
  7. Upload the “XXX” folder to the /packages directory on the server
  8. Open your Concrete CMS site and navigate to the dashboard, Click on the “Extend Concrete” item
  9. You will see XXX is still listed as the old version
  10. Click on the dashboard menu item “Updated Add-Ons”
  11. You will see that you can now update the installed version of XXX. Click Update and you are now complete.