Is version mobile-optimized?

I’m updating a site. Part of the update is to add photo slideshows and videos. One video is cut in half on the mobile view. The other does not show at all. The photo slideshow is stretched. How can I fix these things?

For all Concrete versions it is the site theme that governs most of how a site shows on mobile (or other screen sizes).

Thank you. It looks like my theme is responsive but I can’t figure it out.

I am using the Elegancia Onyx theme.

The developer (@VidalThemes) is still actively involved with concrete. But with the legacy marketplace closed, the theme is not actively maintained and the demo site no longer exists.
As far as I can tell, this theme should be fully responsive for mobile display. My experience with other themes from @VidalThemes is that they resize extremely well for mobile.

Things to double-check

  • You are using the theme’s own gallery and slider blocks, or the theme’s own block templates for any core blocks.
  • The images you add to a slider or gallery are similarly sized with similar aspect ratios.

Hi There,

As @JohntheFish pointed out that particular theme of ours is extremely old now, and unsupported. Working from memory I don’t think we had anything to tackle responsive video in that theme, you could try adding the fit vids js plugin this will sort out any video sizing issues, there are some CSS only options too, check out Fluid Width Video | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks for a decent guide on how to do it.

As far as the stretching of the images goes it could be a number of things, if you can provide a link to the page I can take a look for you.

Best regards