Issue with intrinsic image sizes


I’m currently seeing an issue on a new site where the banner image we use when adding them as a regular image block is showing as poor quality.
When I check the inspector it is showing the intrinsic sizes as 1140px x 428px, while the actual images I have uploaded are 1600px x 600px (rendered size is 1903px x 650px).

I’m just not sure where the option would be to change this or where it is being limited to 1140px? Any advice would be much appreciated.


Concrete can automatically reduce the size of big images when you upload them: maybe you have this option turned on.
You can find it in the dashboard, under System & Settings > Files > Image Options

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Thank you. It was actually under System & Settings > Files > Thumbnails. For some reason there was one call ‘Large’ which was set to 1140px. I’ve increased this and now all the images are showing in much better quality. Thanks

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