Issues going from 9.2.4-9.2.6

Hello, I am having problems with my website when I update to .5 I lose my menu, and then when I download .6 update, I can’t install it, as the install page is blank after downloading it.

Currently I’ve restored back to 9.2.4 and it’s working, but I’d like to update to the newest version.
Running php 8.2

You might want to manually update - How to Upgrade Concrete CMS

“Upgrading via the command line (Version 8 and above)” is the route that we usually use, if you have SSH access.

Did you check the error logs?

I completely agree with @hutman above. +1

I can help with that, and quite a few other problems I can see right away on the website.

Like the menu being cut off on the top right, menu items “disappear” when you hover over them, and “I am currently have my fourth year…” not being English.
But let’s get you updated first :wink:

You can contact me directly (in Southern Oregon):
John Steele - Steelsoft Consulting
john [at] steelesoftconsulting [dot] com . . . My site I never get to work on . . .

I don’t add the content, the site owner does. But I will correct the grammar. As for the menu being cut off, I’ve not experienced it. The colors are very close for hover over, but they are visible.

Also, before offering help on these issues, especially when linking your own website, make sure it displays correctly.