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Hi, Are we going to have the jobs category back? I used to find this was a great way for people to find developers?

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According to town hall, the idea is that we are all sent off to Upwork. I think that is a flawed strategy:

  1. Without a specific work forum category we will just get the same posts in a less organized way on the general forum or slack.

  2. Whilst I haven’t looked at Upwork in detail, my general experience of such sites is they facilitate a blind auction for the cheapest possible response and a race to the bottom of the pile. I suppose in that way they mirror government procurement rules. But they don’t encourage new customers towards quality solutions.

  3. There is nowhere near enough volume of ConcreteCMS development work to build ConcreteCMS specific reputation on such sites. Hence reputation will only be built on selling more generally applicable skills such as JavaScript, Design, CSS, PHP, Laravel. All good skills, but if a developer is having to sell those skills more widely to even be noticed, where does that leave ConcreteCMS? Furthermore, existing concrete5 reputation would be lost in the rebranding to ConcreteCMS.

Maybe we don’t call the forum category ‘Jobs’ because we used to get posts about how to run the search indexer.

I agree with John, I used to get a lot of work from the Job section and having it removed is not great for business. The good thing about having it on the this site is that people can then check your profile and posts to reassure themselves.

Maybe we just have a category called “Paid Work (Jobs)”

If the ‘Jobs’ section is re-instated, I would like to see it restricted to those members that have a minimum ‘karma’ score and a minimum number of ‘correct answers’ to members questions.

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Need to be careful with blanket rules. I agree we need to eliminate the generic sweatshop replies, but still allow those new to c5 to start a thread to hire a developer.

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Are there any community members who think the jobs board should not be reinstated?

I was thinking more along the lines of restricting ‘replies’ to a job post rather than preventing jobs being posted.

I get a lot of work from the Jobs forum (and helping there).

Dropping this is a really BAD IDEA™ and I’m not at all happy about not being asked about it to begin with.

I’ve used Upwork (and others) and this makes no sense to me at all.

Things like this and changing concrete5 to concrete CMS without much warning is very damaging to my business! Not to mention my business cards…

I would have to also up-vote re-instating the jobs category. Upwork has a fair amount of garbage competition in there and I would hope that the Concrete CMS website would be the first, most logical place for someone to look for a Concrete CMS developer. Just my two-cents, I’m ride-or-die either way!

+1 vote to reinstate the jobs forum although we do like the suggestion to rename ‘Paid Work (Jobs)’

We’ve done some projects via upwork and similar in the past and it was not an experience I’d care to repeat! Race to the bottom is spot on John. Many of our best and long term clients found us via the jobs board, please don’t drop this.

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Back by popular demand - let the commerce commence!


Whoop whoop, we spoke they listened!!!

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Nice! 14% Upwork fee totally sucks :face_vomiting: