JtfPluginKey does not exist

Cant update addons after moving to v9.02 - Update errors on new addon updates -

lluminate \ Contracts \ Container \ BindingResolutionException

Target class [\Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\JtfPluginKey] does not exist.

Previous exceptions

  • Class \Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\JtfPluginKey does not exist (-1)

Causes site to die- Had to restore to yesterdays version.

Also when tryign to install a new plugin from the market i get -


Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found

Line 60 - ```
$zip = new \ZipArchive();

I have over 20 sites to migrate to V9 - and so far i have had nowt but trouble with addons and theme errors - 

Also I would add that you have changed updated the fontawasome version with no back woods compatibility which is cause loads of issue with older themes.

Also to note - that their is not enough market place support for the V9 -  I have purchased a few addons - which say their V9 compatible but their not. ( Or they don't work on V9.0.2  only V9 - )  

Sorry off topic - How can i fix the addon updates?


JtfPluginKey is a class installed with many of my addons where permissions are used to manage which plugin functionality within an addon is enabled. All my addons that include this class are v9 compatible in the latest version of the addon.

The core upgrade process from v8 to v9 is not yet officially supported by the core and consequently cannot yet be officially supported by addons.

  1. JtfPluginKey is an actual class, not a doctrine proxy, so you can be pretty sure that when the addon is installed, the class exists. Nevertheless, put database entities into development mode and disable and clear all caches before updating.

  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the addon installed before you attempt to update. There are changes in the routing code (necessitated by deprecated task routing in the core) for permissions between v8 and v9. An old addon version without the latest routing code will definitely break.

  3. If the addon is one that does not provide front end blocks, such as Extreme Clean or Package Magic, the simplest work round would be to uninstall the addon, update, then reinstall. Don’t risk this if the addon has blocks on pages or you will lose content.

  4. After a failed core upgrade, you could try running a forced re-update of the package through the Concrete CLI: $ concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:package-update package_handle --force . The --force option forces an update even if there is no new version.

If none of that gets you round it, please open a support request with a full trace of the whoops (use the [COPY] button) and attach it to the support request. I can then investigate further.