Legacy Concrete Upgrades

I am still able to get your legacy site working on PHP7.
For very old sites running on pre it is a tad more complicated but still very doable.
The upgrade process includes some heavy optimisation of both the files system and the database and will streamline your site to its max potential, pages will load faster and the server load will be much reduced.
If you need an old legacy site repairing or upgrading send me a private message from my profile page.

For a low cost alternative you can create zipped copies of your files and database.
Place them in the root of your domain and send me the links to the zipped files so that I can download them and perform the upgrade/repair.
When completed I will zip them up and place them in the root of one of my domains for you to download and swap on your server.

Send me a Private Message (PM) for further details or answers to your questions.
PLEASE NOTE I am based in the UK.

I have added my hourly rate to my profile page.