Legacy Forum - Can't view expanded code blocks

In researching a development matter I tried to read a code block pop-up link (on this page : Adding page name field to form-express - concrete5 ) and the “View entire code block.” function does not work.

This appears to be the behaviour of the archived forums, but it means that the value and information of all archived code blocks cannot be viewed.

Can we get this fixed please? There really still is so much relevant information in the archived forums that losing this would be problematic.

Hi @BloodyIron - I’ve plugged that into our issue log to look into and shot you the Bug Reporter badge - thanks for reporting that!

Yay! Thanks and you’re welcome! \o/

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Hey so yeah I’m finding lots and lots of archived forum posts where I can’t read enough of the code blocks to really see the solutions. Another example : SelectAttributeTypeOption not recognized by C5 - concrete5

Can we please get the archived forums fixed so that we can read full code blocks instead of just getting the void(0) hyperlinks? There’s an endless supply of solutions that are in the archived forums that are incomplete as a result :frowning:

Yeah I will see if this one can get bumped on the priority list :+1: Does seem to be a bit of a bother.

The full code block is being hidden by css element ‘display:none’…
So as a temporary workaround you can right click ‘View entire code block’ and click ‘inspect’, this will open your browser console view.
Look for the ’ div class=“full-code” style=“display:none” ', click on that div to open up the css panel and untick the display:none
This will display the entire code block.

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