Link to an anchor concrete5 v 9.0.2

I need help with using links do anchors in concrete5 v 9.0.2 elemental.

  1. While defining a link to an anchor within a text-block the only recognized anchors available are those defined within the same text-block; all anchors in other blocks are not recognized and do not show as possible link targets. What to do to extend these capabilities to the situation, where all anchors defined at the same page would be available for selection?
  2. Any link defined with an anchor rewinds the page to the third line BELOW the line in which the anchor was placed. What can be done to fix this bug?
  3. Does the version 9.1.0 fix the above problems?
  4. In case the answer to the question 3 is positive please advice whether the upgrade to version 9.1.0 form 9.0.2 can be made in a simple and mostly automated way (the upgrade mechanisms described so far were addressing former versions and I would like to avoid mistakes while applying them to versions 9.x.x.). Please be specific while answering to this question, e.g. pl. use a link do any relevant procedure description.
    Thank you in advance

There is a new block in the marketplace for declaring anchors. Empty Anchor - Concrete CMS

That doesn’t help with declaring the links, but if you know the anchor you should be able to just enter #anchor in the editor popup.

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