Linking images

Another basic question if any one can help me.

When installing an image there option in the installation window for an “Image Link” with a drop down which give the option of linking to a page or external link etc.

Below is a box “choose Page” which takes you to the site map where any page can be chosen.

All is very nice, quick and easy. But what does the link consist of ? Is it a full url, an internal url or page id number ? I cannot find anyway to check this.

If the text editor is used to link a block of text the result seems to me to be a full url including site name etc.

Can any one help me understand internal linking in terms of moving the site from localhost to a server? Will all internal links be preserved ?

With the sitemap button, you get the cID urls. These urls allow you to move the page you’re linking to in the sitemap without breaking the link in the content. Otherwise use full urls if/like you’re linking to a third party site.

I appologise, I misread that. My first response was in regards to text editor linking. In the same sense, I would believe off the bat that if you select “page” in your scenario, you “should” be safe similar to the cID urls above. If you selected external and input the page url, move the page, and click the link it would be broken. Check if selecting “page” alleviates this or not…

thanks for the reply.

I just checked the text editor again, when choosing a page from the site map button I get the following

it seemed like a normal url to me at first, but it has a cID code, so I assume the link will stay intact during the process of moving the site

Internally, any block that uses the sitemap page picker will store a link as the cID.

Then when the page is viewed, the link should be generated as a URL at the time of view (subject to cache). That way you can shuffle pages wherever you like and site internal links to the page should never break.

The URL actually generated can vary between view templates. Some old (and arguably erroneous) templates will generate a relative URL and some a ?cID=…
Ideally, the URL shown in the view should be a full URL.