Litespeed server softeware

I am starting to develop a new concrete site, and I am looking around for a new hosting company (in Poland).

One company I having been looking at offers Litespeed server software - I have never heard of Litespeed before. Does anyone have any experience with this software ? Does concrete 9.1.3 work on Litespeed ??

Litespeed is an alternative to the Apache or Nginx web servers and is supposed to be quicker, which is why a lot of hosting companies use it. Officially, concrete supports Nginx and Apache web servers only, but because concrete requires PHP to run, it’s more relevant to find out which version(s) of PHP this hosting company supports in their Litespeed environment because that will probably dictate whether concrete will run or not. Check the minimum requirements for the version you’re planning to use:

I use Litespeed on my server and it works well with Concrete. The only thing to be aware of is if you use the (optional) Litespeed cache, then it’s a bit fiddly with Concrete (requires setting up a subdomain to do edits), and manually flushing of the cache.
This guide was handy: Run Litespeed Cache with Concrete5 - Made Simple Media

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There seems to be a portion of information missing… can you provide the htaccess?