Locale not changing? No more UK English?

@JonRimmer and I are battling with V9 and changing locale to change date format.

If we change this here:

Would we expect to be able to log out and log back in and then see dates in dd/mm/yyyy format?

I’ve tried swapping the locale to French/France, and the date formats across the interface update as expected. Is this potentially just an issue with english locales?

Also, in V8 we used to be able to install the language ‘English (United Kingdom)’, which changed a handful of words like color to colour, etc. That no longer appears available, but I’m still seeing it listed here: Translate :: Concrete CMS

@mesuva Hmm let me take a look into this, I am also curious.

By default you can install language files that are completed at least at a certain % - I don’t remember exactly the value, maybe something around 70%).

This threshold is configurable via a config key (again, I don’t remember its name). Sorry for not being very precise, I’m not in front of a PC atm

Since v9 there doesnt seem to be an option when first installing concrete to choose English UK. There has always been this option previously. At first I didnt see this a big issue until I needed to change the date format. This is when I discovered the issue Mesuva has flagged. After installing concrete it seems that it installs UK English but in Site interface source locale it shows United states. Changing this to United Kindom makes no difference. Hope this explains a bit more the issue

UK English (which is going to cover Australia, Canada, and a whole bunch of other places) is going to be an exception case in terms of the % complete, as there’s really only a handful of words that need adjustment. It’s really color->colour, center->centre and words that end with -ization.

I’ve jumped into the translation system and popped in a few more for the above, but it’ll never get up much higher percentage wise without simply going through and translating everything to the same string. I’m actually wondering if the translation should be fixed to remove everything the same string, leaving only translations with an actual difference…

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In the translation tool, there’s a button that you can use to copy the source string to the translated string.
That would make translating en-US to en-GB very quick.
Also, the system keeps the translated strings even if they are the same as the source ones (so, for example, you know which strings you have already translated and which strings still need some love :wink:)

Understood - I’ve updated the missing strings, so with it being at 100% now it’s re-appeared for install. So that aspect is resolved.

The date format issue might have been some confusion with the default setting under ‘Site interface source locale’, and what was actually set as the Language for the admin user I was logging into the site with.

I was under the impression that it only uses the actual language set on the user if the ‘Offer choice of language on login.’ option is enabled, but I appear to be wrong about that.

I’m now not sure what the ‘Site interface source locale’ option is supposed to control.