Location of ? look up table ? for Express Form

Can someone help please? I am based in UK and have a member’s site where we ask new members to complete a form. We’re on version 8.5.2 and I’m using the standard Express Form block. For the “address” field I’ve set our location as UK and as a result the address element “State/Province” automatically gives the options of the various UK counties, which is great. Unfortunately we happen to live in a county that has two parts - East Sussex and West Sussex, not just plain Sussex as the look-up table shows. I’d like to get into the data to change this to give the two choices and had assumed it would be easy to find it, but I can’t. Can anyone please tell me the path to get to this data or .xml file or whatever it is? Many thanks in advance. Jon

And by the way, we don’t have States or Provinces in UK so in an ideal world I’d change that field name too, to “County”, but I suspect that would lead to disaster!

I think someone else was doing this also.

Have a look here

Thanks TMDesigns for pointing this out. That has pretty much sorted it for me!