Log IP of visitor

Is there any way to log a visitors IP address in Concrete5? I’m getting spammed mercilessly by some people and want to blacklist them.

Yes try this link on your site

Thanks , but I’m using version 9 and it’s not there. The only thing I’'ve got it
With no way to change or modify anything.

How are they spamming you?

Look at this

They are using the “Contact Us” form that I setup. It’s got version 3 recaptcha on it but they are filling out the form and adding unwanted advertisements… ( couldn’t find a better word ). I need a way to log their IP when they visit the site


Maybe try this add on as it has a honey pot for forms

Another thing you could try is overriding the core check() from /concrete/src/Captcha/RecaptchaV3Controller.php if your application and do something like:

public function check()
    $result = parent::check();
    $this->logger->notice(t('reCAPTCHA checked ip %s and had result %s', \Request::getInstance()->getClientIp(), $result ? 'success' : 'failed'));
    return $result;

This is not tested code, but could get you going the right direction