Login error - file not found

C5.8.12 - PHP7.4.33

I have made my site live, emptied the cache and now I cant login as admin.
I get ‘not found’ for /login/authenticate/concrete
Do I need an htaccess file?

any ideas please?

Is there anyway for an admin to edit a page without logging in? I have access to the server and c8 files.

Some things to try. Whenever I move a site to a different server, I always turn off “Pretty URL’s” and ‘canonical’ stuff first but if I forget, I edit the “/application/config/generated_overrides/concrete.php” file and turn it off there. Make sure these are false.

‘seo’ => [
‘redirect_to_canonical_url’ => false,
‘url_rewriting’ => false,

Then I delete all the contents of the .htaccess file in the server’s root directory (/public_html on my server). This file often has server-specific commands in it that confuse your new server.

Now go to /application/files/cache and delete everything in the cache folder leaving an empty ‘cache’ folder.

Now head to your URL (just the base URL. No /login or /dashboard) and see how things go.

If all goes well, you can turn “Pretty URL’s” and the ‘canonical’ stuff back on in the Dashboard->URLs and redirection.

Perhaps this will help. Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much! Worked a treat.

Glad to be of service.