Looking for Concrete5 Developer in Canada

We’re looking for a remote web developer based in Canada (preferably in the E.S.T. time zone) who is experienced with Concrete5. Duties include ongoing maintenance and updates to a ~500-page website.

The website has around 15 primary pages, with the remaining pages being images and galleries.

We’re looking for a long-term relationship with occasional work on an “as needed” basis.

Hey Marcin123

I would love to learn more about your project. My company Stewart Design Agency specializes in everything Concrete CMS related. Click the link below to book a meeting time that works for you.

Calendly - Stewart Design Agency free project consultation


Wayne S. Stewart | CEO
Stewart Design Agency
Mail: wstewat@sdagency.net

Phone: 443-429-0494
Website: www.sdagency.net

Hello Wayne,

We are looking for someone based in Canada, but thank you for reaching out.

Try @Blueprint they are very good and in Canada!

Hi there,

We’ve worked with Concrete CMS websites of varying sizes, from boutique shops to multinational enterprises and everything in between. We are incredibly responsive in our maintenance work and can provide consultation if needed. We are located in Paris Ontario, Canada.

Here is a link to our own website for more information about us. Could we setup a time for a quick introduction? Please feel free to DM directly if interested.

Kyle Belbeck


Please contact us to discuss: info@antropy.co.uk

Hi Marcin ,

I am individual professional, having good experience in Concrete5 CMS.
Have been assisting clients on advance customization and integration jobs.

Please connect further to discuss