Looking for installation guidance for Concrete with eCommerce

I have experience with websites and some programming going back decades, but appreciate advice from experienced users.
I’d like to build a store with a shopping cart on a hosted site with SSL.
I have a site .icon, banner image, etc.
The hosting service declares they are compatible with user-installed Concrete.
I don’t mind entering site parameters but I’d prefer not to code.
I’d prefer to use free or flat-fee modules with reliable support.
I intend to use PayPal products for merchant services as my customers prefer it.
I have about 600 products that come in a few variations each, and also reside in one or more categories.
I need multi-faceted search functionality – not just blind search.
I’d like to offer a wait list (not backorder) for out-of-stock items and put a limit on length of a wait list.

So, in addition to ConcreteCMS what modules will be useful?
Is there a guide that might assist me from end to end on these installations?

Thank you in advance.

Community store is the go to for ecommerce. Check it out here… GitHub - concrete5-community-store/community_store: An open, free and community developed eCommerce system for Concrete CMS

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With that many products and the functionality I would say use community store @mesuva is the person to ask as he developed it.

@mesuva also has the shopfiy plugin which I have been using recently. It works very well as a blended solution but might be too much admin for 600 products.

There is also Bitter Shop System by @fabianbitter which might also work for you. Ask Fabian if it can do what is needed.

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