Looking for Temporary Web Tech Specialist (Full-time)

The Web Tech Specialist maintains the college website and related web assets to support the college-wide communications strategy, primarily through use of the ConcreteCMS content management system.


•Responsible for web change requests to ensure website content is updated and accurate; perform routine maintenance.

•Ensure all web assets are ADA/WCAG compliant.

•Follow and implement SEO best practices.

•Ensure responsive design and cross-browser/platform compatibility.

•Analyze user behavior and how that may inform success and areas to improve UI/UX.


•Must have professional experience using a content management system (CMS), familiarity with ConcreteCMS preferred.

•Must have excellent customer service skills.

•Must be detail oriented.

•Strong communication skills, basic front end developer skills, and knowledge of website and SEO best practices.

•Experience tagging PDFs for accessibility preferred.

•Photoshop skills preferred.

•Knowledge of Google Analytics is a plus.

•Knowledge of Localist or other online event calendar platforms a plus.

•Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or similar field; one to three years of related professional experience working on a website, or acceptable combination of education and experience.

This role is temporary and does not include benefits. Position is remote. TO APPLY: Send a resume, letter of intent, and a list of professional references to annapolis.jobs@sjc.edu.

Hi, my company can provide this service as we’ve worked with Concrete for a VERY long time. Email: info@antropy.co.uk

Hello Laura

I have sent an e-mail to the address you’ve specified.

Matteo Montanari

[p] ConcreteCMS web developer
[w] https://matteo-montanari.com

Hi @lclausen,

I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at lauren@cisinlabs.com or Skype me:live:lauren_8606.

Looking forward to your response.

Lauren W.

Can’t help (retired). But you MUST check your website and those who offer help/services.

Use the tests below to see where YOU and THEY MUST improve ‘page speed’, ‘accessibility’, ‘best coding practices’ and ‘SEO’. There are other tests I use, however those below should give you a good idea of where to start.



Hi Paul, could you contact annapolis.jobs@sjc.edu please. Thank you!

Hi Lauren, could you contact annapolis.jobs@sjc.edu please. Thank you!