Made site live but nothing renders

Concrete 5.8.12

I have moved all the files to the root of the server. However, when I view the site, I see nothing and checking the code, all the code has been stripped both head and body. I have tried using different versions of php on the server but no change. I did have an error at one point on the index.php file but that is ok (<?php require ‘concrete/dispatcher.php’:wink:
Please help.


Did you update the database.php file (application > config > database.php) with the remote database name and user info? Also, make sure to delete the images cache folder (application > files > cache).

If those aren’t the problem, you may have an issue with the .htaccess file. If you set up Pretty URLs on your local copy, you will need to move the .htaccess file over to the root directory of the new server.


Thanks Craig. It was a caching issue.

Glad to hear that worked for you. You will need to delete the cache folder every time you move the files folder to a different server, including if you copy files back to your local from your remote.