Managing the project page, any manual for that?

I have the problem that I used several development servers at different stages for a website to be relaunched. So I had to use temporary domains/sub domains.
Now my project page looks like a big mess and I don’t know how to get rid of the unwanted entries or how to edit the wrong domains.
Is there any guide how to work with that page exactly please?

Thank you

Hi @stephanaust Here’s a resource to help Add Functionality

Let me know what questions you still have and we’ll work on updating.

Thank you for your reply.
Obviously I wasn’t clear enough about which page.
I was refering to the project page within the marketplace account.
If you start developing a website you might do that by using a development domain/server and move it to the final server when launching.
All the issues related to that process are messing up the project page in the maketplace.
I have several projects there and they all refer to several servers despite the fact that they are running on the final server now, but I can’t edit the domains or the refering server addresses. That makes things very complicated.
As well I don’t know what would happen if I delete projects there to ad them as new project with the final URL. How would you do that properly so you don’t loose licenses or experience outages.
I know you can release licenses from projects and I did that already, but then I moved the project and it still shows as such, just with an additional URL. So all is messed up a bit…
Thank you