Marketplace Account Deactivated

For some unknown reason, I cannot get to my projects page in Marketplace. I get this weird 404 page and in the URL is says /account-deactivated/ I use C5 all the time and have never seen this. I have logged out, dumped cache and tried all kinds of things, but always goes back to the same page with a 404 and account-deactivated in the URL. I cannot extend my site, or make purchases from the marketplace in this condition. Nor can I get to my Projects page so connect a site. Very frustrating to say the least…

Hi there,

Fortunately we were able to sort this out but there are a number of reasons a user could have been deactivated (sometimes the old forum spam filter was overly aggressive and would mark people posting legit code samples as spammers and you can get deactivated that way). But like I said, I think we’re all set here now :+1:

Thank you for the reply Evan, and for getting me “back in business” so to speak. Very much appreciated!

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