Marketplace Likes This Block php8

@frz @andrew @EvanCooper What is the state of the MP Likes This Block Package? Are we going to see a v9 / php8 update for this? It’s working nicely v9 php7. php8 has issues with router code, calling static method something or other. I’d like to implement it’s data/functionality in a marketplace package but have been reluctant because it doesn’t work clean across php versions (yet?)… Also, the support link from that MP page, and maybe others, leads to a dead link. Hence why I’m using the forums :slight_smile:

As you can tell, it’s not a top priority for us.
At the moment we’re working on building the new marketplace itself, so updating old free extensions to work on v9 remains in the “one day” list.
By all means feel free to build something better.

@frz I may just have to poke at it when I have time. Is the source anywhere on github by chance?

Can’t you just download the archive from it’s MP page or am I missing something obvious.

Yes I was just curious if it was posted anywhere open source where if I find a fix I can contribute to it…

It’s MIT licensed. You should take a copy and run with it on your own in github.

Hey guys. Did anyone do anything on this?

@ enlil happy to pay for any updates you might have done…


I have not. My main reason for inquiring was that I wanted to build “most popular” filtering into my Page List addon, filtering by number of likes as the total is held within a page attribute. Unfortunately, the block is not compatible with v9 php8, and within, is also calling a non static method statically, which is also deprecated. Certainly a small undertaking for anyone willing to update/re-write the block…