Marketplace linter broken

For any marketplace developers, the Linter is currently broken.

This means that any marketplace submission or any update of an existing theme or addon will be stuck in ‘testing in progress’.

For marketplace developers, if you have recently updated a theme or addon, the new version may
not be available to your customers and you may need to re-upload once the linter is back in action.

The folks at Portland Labs have been notified.


The update this morning is no news. Still broken.

Just chiming in to say this is affecting me too. I purchased a theme last night and when I tried to install it I got an error saying it had to be updated and to contact the package maintainer. Apparently the theme is fine and the error is due to the linter problem.

I’m under some deadline pressure and hoping for a speedy fix.

This should be resolved now @soupmedia

The Linter is running (tests are passing/failing), but addons are stuck in the ‘failed test list’ even after running tests again and passing (with the usual exemptions for php7+ and secondary failures arising from that)

Correction to the above, the test results were old from when the linter was alive. No results for a recent upload confirms the Linter had died again.

@EvanCooper @JohntheFish The linter is in fact still broken

I am running into this issue as well - and it seems to be corrupting manual installs as well.
Running version 9.2

I will be at least start of the day pacific today before Portland next looks at this

Let’s hope they are used to get up early in the morning :wink:

The birds will be chirping in Portland in a couple hours. They’re chirping for me now :smiley:

@EvanCooper time to fix the linter :wink:

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@mlocati Some side chatter in a prb email I sent out this morning. @frz was made aware of the issue a couple hours ago. Hopefully we see some movement soon :slight_smile:

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Linter is still broken this morning

The linter is back in action