Marketplace warning or separate section for v9

v9 is coming sooner or later. I believe there should be a warning saying that v8 packages may not work in v9 out of the box unless clearly stated otherwise to avoid customers paying for a package, realizing it doesn’t work or looks ugly and then demanding a refund thus getting the package for free.

Or a separate section should be made for v9 packages.


+1 on adding a clear warning.

Maybe we could have a big badge over marketplace items that a developer has tagged as v9 compatible ‘v9 Compatible’.

This could also help weed out abandoned items that are not being maintained.

My experience of updating for v9 so far is that simple blocks can look OK and the block edit dialogs need some work to look good because form controls, floats, bootstrap labels and font awesome icons have changed.

More complex edit dialogs, dashboard pages and code that integrates with other core functionality need a lot of work. Not many major changes, but a big accumulation of all the time tracking down many little changes and testing.

I’ve just checked a couple of my big applications in v9. Well, they’re totally screwed up and ugly as hell. I don’t know what’s going to be better: trying to adjust every damn div and js or simply making a new version.

From the PRB perspective, if a package is called ab_xyz for v8, can I submit a v9 ready version called ab_xyz_v9? Can handles have numbers BTW?

Handles can have numbers. I did such porting addons between v5.6 and v5.7 where the marketplace was split. ( example Magic Tabs - concrete5 (v5.7), Magic Tabs (c5.6) - concrete5 (v5.6).

If you are creating a new v9 version of an addon, please hold off submitting it to the PRB for now. The PRB is not currently testing against v9.

When you do submit a ‘new’ v9 update, post a diff with the submission and a summary of changes made. We will need to know what is new functionality and what is a v9 compatibility change. Manpower permitting, we will try and fast track ‘new’ v9 addons that only have compatibility changes from v8 code.

Personally I am trying to make addons adaptive so they work with v8 and v9. In a worst case, this has involved conditionally registering namespaces in a package controller dependant on core version.

More worrying is the number of sites that will update from v8 to v9 without thoroughly checking addon compatibility first, then either discover that dialogs etc are seriously glitched or brick their site. We get a rush of ‘failed update’ forum posts on every major update and I can foresee this being a record breaker.

If we had a tag for addons/themes confirming v9 compatibility, the core upgrade procedure could check that flag and refuse to update unless all were compatible.

I have proposed a v9 compatibility mechanism as a github issue

All are welcome to add their 2c

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We surely need to start “versioning” the addons in the marketplace. Users NEED to be able to know what they are purchasing will work with the version they are running on! @JohntheFish your idea, with the core updates you proposed, looks great!

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Although versioning is good, who knows when it will be implemented. But I think the warning must be put in the MP now regardless.

For anyone following this, there have been some developments on GitHub.

To gauge the risk, I have started a straw poll on v9 compatibility.

For anyone wanting to provide technical details or concerns on GitHub, the issue is at