Marketplace, where is addon whale owl carousel

We have a few v.8 sites depending strongly on a addon «whale_owl_carousel».
Where is it? I cannot find it anymore in the marketplace.

We need to update the sites due to php changes.

It’s no longer available from the Marketplace. When the new Marketplace launched it was removed.

Really great news. What options do I have?
Is it OK to fix it myself so the addon runs on php8?
It’s a lot of work.

Totally fine for you to edit the add-ons as you need for compatibility reasons.
Just don’t then think it’s abandonware and release it publicly.

If an add-on was updated correctly for V8, there’s a pretty decent chance that any PHP8 compatibility issues are going to be minor, and perhaps not as many as you might be worried about.

Nine times out of ten, PHP8 issues with Concrete add-ons are due to undefined variables, where you have to add in a few lines of code to ensure that they are initialised when adding blocks, or at the top of a view.php file.

Thank you for responding.
The php8-adjusted addon works fine on a new v.9 site but not on a converted test-site. I gave up to find useful information about the problem. There was a lot of information on the support page, why is this essential information also gone? Pondering the wisdom of concreteCMS…

For v9 sites, my Omni Gallery addon includes Owl Carousel (and many others, so it is easy to experiment with different carousels and sliders).

I don’t currently test for v8 back compatibility, however Omni Gallery was developed for v8 and I have not removed any of the v8 parts, so could still work on v8 sites (anyone doing so will need to manually install and edit the package compatibility). It will require a minimum of php7.3.

Thank you John for suggesting your Omnigallery. But that would still mean that we need to redo all pages in each site with the whale owl occurrences.
On one site (cms Version 5.7, updated to stable 8.5) we have more than 130 different carousels with different slides for manuals. Not to think of all other sites and other Extensions in those sites.

If we want to properly update all sites and use your Omnigallery we need v.9.3. That is a lot of work and such a tedious task, no client would ever pay for.

We feel forced to rig this addon to work with v.9, - not an elegant solution.

@mesuva: If conversion is sucessfull, can we use the license for all sites?

All that matters with licensing is whether you have X number of licences for X number of sites still.

Whether or not you edit the add-on to keep it working is irrelevant I’d think.

Thanks for answering.
How can I find out about the licenses?
Where in the package or elsewhere would I find such information?

We need to my knowledge 11 licenses, another four could be replaced by a built in slider package of the cms. It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago, Version is 1.4

Add-ons often have a licence.txt file in them, but they’re likely to just have a copy of the standard marketplace licence.

But i’d suggest it’s simpler than that - if you are using the add-ons now on live sites, you must have at some point purchased a licence for the add-on, for each site. If you then need to tweak the add-on to work with newer versions of PHP that’s fine - you’re not copying it to use on new sites, or using more copies of it than you originally purchased.

I found the licence txt file, it simply says:
This software is licensed under the terms described in the marketplace. Please find the add-on there for the latest license copy.
There is no name or license number or a date. Link gives Internal Server Error

The agency is not active anymore with concrete and unable to retrieve licences from their concrete market login. According to the developer, some of them were bought through a school and some by site owners in 2017 or later.

Now what?

You might be overthinking this.

If you have a series of copies of the add-on you legally acquired, and you aren’t making further copies to use on new sites, you’re fine to edit them to make them work.