Marking forum topics as solved fix needed

Only the person who creates a topic in the forums should be able to mark it as solved. Nobody else knows if the so called “solution” actually solves the problem.

That’s actually how it works, other than it appearing admins may mark threads as solved, if the original poster does not and the answer is hands down correct.

Then they shouldn’t have marked your answer as correct because it didn’t actually explain anything. It just told me what I already knew and I didn’t know much. Still don’t know what a Column object is or how to use it or how that method is intended to be used. If we’re supposed to use that method then it’s supposed to be documented.

Anyways, I’m about ready to give up and switch to Wordpress. It’s ugly but it’s documented and has an enormous community writing about it to fill in the gaps. Concrete on the other hand has shit documentation and nothing but this forum which takes too long to get the answers you need. I’m not doing this for a client. If I was they would be pissed it’s taking so long to figure this out. I would rather be at the beach taking pictures than banging my head against the keyboard trying to figure out how to get them onto a custom, purpose built website.

In principle I don’t have a problem with others being able to mark correct or best answers, just as long as the originator of a thread can un-mark them if they don’t agree.

Writers of documentation always have a higher opinion of it than readers of that documentation. That is a universal truism that is not unique to Concrete CMS.

Every now and then a customer comes to me with a Wordpress site and whatever they need done reminds me why I hate using Wordpress. For all the things we consider issues with Concrete CMS and its documentation, none of those issues would make me seriously consider Wordpress for a new project. But maybe I am one of those people that prefers the comfort of the familiar to assuming the grass is greener on the other side.

Can you summarise the overall purpose of your site and the processes you are trying to automate? Problems often arise from over thinking processes in Concrete based on preconceptions of what users would have needed to do with Wordpress. Despite there being technical/documentation issues with your current ‘solution’, perhaps you just need to take a step back and get a fresh perspective. (and yes, that users can fall into such traps is also an indirect mark on the documentation/education)

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Yeah enlil has the right idea - sometimes we will try to mark a post as correct if it is clearly correct and the OP hasn’t gotten around to doing so.