Mega Menu update

After applying the latest update to Mega Menu, the menu now display vertical on my laptop and not horizontal. Can’t see where to make display properly. Before this update, the menu ran horizontal across the page, as it should and when on a mobile device, it displays vertical as it should. Help

Interesting, are you using any add-ons for the mega menu?

Nope. Always try to keep things ‘vanilla’. I’ll very rarely go into someone else’s code (so to speak) and alter as I wish. Now-a-days applying another add-on to an add-on.

I’m a relative newcomer to the Mega Menu add-on so I’m not very familiar with the previous version’s setting options.

  • Is the Mega Menu in the same content block it was originally in? Was the width 100% of the screen before or was it confined by a smaller content block?

  • Is the block template set to “Default”, or is something like “Auto-Nav” being applied to it? If so, try setting it to default or test moving it out of a nav content area into something like a header logo area.

  • What happens if you enable the hamburger option?

  • If your page template uses jquery , there’s an option on the Advanced tab to disable (disabled is checked, not unchecked) loading it another instance. You’ll probably need to keep the modernizr enabled.

  • You can also try tweaking the CSS a bit (also on the Advanced tab), I’m no expert in CSS, but something like:

ul.mega-menuh {
display: flex;
flex-wrap: nowrap;

keeps it horizontal, but I think it’s something more fundamental, like some nav block CSS interfering with how it’s displaying. The submenu area doesn’t seem to work correctly either.

Yes the mega menu is in the original block it was placed in. It’s contained in a site wide block. No no auto-nav either. There were no issues before this latest update.

The hamburger option crapped out, i.e. bombed…so had to ‘unselect’ that option.

No, no jquery, I keep things ‘vanilla’ from other developers code.

I don’t think the problem would be difficult to resolve, but it will require some expertise.

There’s a multitude of everchanging developer’s code that goes into displaying your web pages, Apache, PHP, mySQL, Concrete, Bootstrap, jquery, modernizr, …

Your code was never “vanilla”, all this code can conflict with each other when one or more variables change. I see from another forum thread you may have updated your Concrete version via Softaculous. If it was a major version change, that alone would be a significant change to your hosting environment.

If you were only using the Concrete core, the chances of a relatively seamless update is better, but if your add-ons, theme, and Concrete versions aren’t 100% compatible (requires testing), problems like the menu formatting may occur.

Developers try to anticipate and design for many hosting environment variables, but there’s too many to know if it will work exactly the same in every circumstance.

You could restore your original site if you have a backup, but that will eventually be a problem too. If your hosting updates to a newer version of PHP (for security) that’s incompatible with your Concrete version, it will force an inconvenient update or move to different hosting.

My ‘vanilla’ I meant I won’t go in and change or add anything to some elses script/code/addon. I do realize that a site becomes very ‘unique’ when we place different addons onto it etc. So yes deciphering what’s going wrong can be different for each site. I use only the addons that are completely compatible with concrete5. No need to respond anymore. Thanks anyway