Member Portal

Are there any inherent options available in Concretecms to facilitate a member portal? I need to add one to a site that would allow customers to log in and upload/ manage content, privately to them. Can this be done using the Advanced permissions? Are there any tutorials related to this?

I run many sites with member areas. I guess it’s more what are you looking to do.

ConcreteCMS has registration, member profiles, private messaging, account management and loads of possibilities with blocks and pages.

Try reading here

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve been developing websites with Concrete for several years, but I haven’t done much with member areas. Suddenly, I have requests from two clients. The one client simply wants a place for members to control their own private space where they can upload images and files. I imagine this is all possible. But, I’m not quite seeing all the connections to keep it simple. I’m assuming I need to setup a template page for members that would be used at registration time to automatically generate the member’s home page. And on that home page would be the opportunity to upload files to their library. Is this all possible without too much custom coding? I don’t have a large enough budget for this to do too much custom coding.

You could setup a account page for all users. On this page add a form with a file upload that then saves to a certain folder.

You can then place a gallery on that page that pulls from that folder. You would then customise the code to only show files from that user.

I would be more than happy to work on this with you.

Thanks for the tips. I may take you up on your offer. I’m evaluating some other options currently.