Member registration flow broken when asking for new, required attributes

Version 9.2.1. When I add new user attributes that are required on the registration form, the login process asks for these new attributes to be completed before the member can log in. Upon submitting that form, the screen flickers but goes nowhere and the new attributes just sit there on the screen as if you haven’t entered them. Seems like it’s not redirecting to the right page (or any page for that matter). Once the member successfully logs in by clicking the Login link again, it’s clear that those attributes were saved so it’s quite confusing for the member. Have I got something set up incorrectly or is this a bug?

I can confirm. The data is saved correctly but the page simply reloads and shows the attributes to fill again.
You should post a bug report on Github.

Thank you for taking the time to confirm this. I’ll post a bug