Member search doesn't behave as expected

I’d like to set up a Search Preset under Members > Dashboard.

I want to find Members who are in the Media Library group but are not in the Full Member or Associate Member groups. See attached.

When I run the search, the results are not what I’m looking for. When I click Search > Edit, my search criteria have been modified to look for Members IN ALL of the three groups.

Is there no way to chain complex searches? If not, the UI should not allow you to create them in the first place as it is misleading.

What version are you on?

Sorry, should have said. 8.5.7

Any thoughts on this, guys? I’ts critical for an international charity website that I manage…

Unfortunately, there’s no solution to your problem from the member’s search page. The problem is whenever you add the 2 group search criteria, the fields have exactly the same name so concrete doesn’t know they’re 2 different criteria and one overrides the other.
It’s a problem that was overlooked.

It wouldn’t be too complicated to create a new dashboard page though, with 2 user group selectors, and a bit of code to do what you want. Something custom.

Feel free to contact me by private message if you’d like to discuss it.

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