Members page management


I am trying to develop a simple portal for my client where they can use a form to populate different member pages (page chosen via form).

How can I accomplish this?

You might want to write about what you’ve tried and what you’re stuck on.

I’d recommend that you use a more modern version of Concrete CMS. Anything below version 7 is end of life.

If this is a large existing 5.6.4 site, rebuilding in latest Concrete CMS may not be a cost-realistic option. If this is a new site, or barely populated, rebuilding in v8 or v9 would make sense.

I think I’ll use the newer C5 for the build.
I presume I can ‘concretize’ an html5 template using the same process (split header, default and footer, replace title tag etc then choose my new theme as the applied theme)?
Last time I checked this couldn’t be done. Is there a clear tutorial on how I can simply do this?

@finelinecreative I’d guess this section might be useful to you:

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