META tags not working

System 8.5.12

A few versions ago I added custom META tags to page attributes. They worked fine.

I never looked at them again, but nowadays the custom META tags don’t appear on my site when I view the page source.

They are correctly added to my page template, I can see them in the editor, they are enabled and contain text. But nothing on the front end.

Any ideas?

Hi @Wizfinger - when you say custom attributes, are these attributes that your custom theme specifically accesses and displays?

Can you let me know what the attribute handles are on there?

Under Dashboard → Pages & Themes → Attributes there is a list of attributes. Scroll down to “Meta Tags”. The tags there are no longer appearing on my page, whereas they did a couple of months ago.

All I did was upgrade Concrete5, I havent changed any pages or templates.

Hmm - so do you have a custom theme calling these custom attributes?

I know this is how Elemental loads them in in 8.5.12, for Meta Keywords at least. I’m not sure how you’re invoking them in your theme though:

I upgraded to version 9 and now it works again :slight_smile: