Migrating site from sub directory to primary directory

I’m going to move a redesigned site I’m working on in a sub-directory up to the primary directory soon. I’m replacing an older install with a newer 8.5.5 site.

I’ve successfully migrated the new site from one sub-domain/directory to another on the same server. (I’ve never migrated one before and wanted to do a practice run before I take a live site down).

Since the sites are on the same server, I didn’t update the database config file (everything appears to work), is there anything I need to do different when I move it up to the main/primary public_html directory?

Any input would be appreciated -



Not really, just make sure you clear you cache onces it’s moved and check the htaccess file to see if you pretty URL/redisrect code is there.

If it is saying /oldfolder/ you need to have it say /

Always good to turn off SEO redirect/pretty URL before moving and then turn it back on again once moved