Migration Tool - not matching block types, attributes, etc

I’m migrating content from an older 5.6.x site to the latest V9. I’m getting a bunch of issues and have troubleshot some of them myself, taking quite a few hours. But now I’ve hit a wall - when importing a batch, the matching of attributes and block types falls apart. I’ve detailed this in an issue on Github, but it’s a bit quiet there, so I’m hoping someone in the form might have had the same issue and could help me solve this.

Link to Github: Import batch refusing to match block types, attributes, etc. · Issue #20 · concretecms/migration_tool · GitHub

To save time, I’ve copied the content of the Github issue below…

I’ve followed the steps in Andrew’s video on using the Migration Tool. However, I’m experiencing significant bugs that I’ve spent hours trying to troubleshoot and making little progress. I’ve tested on clean Concrete installations running PHP 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1 to check if the PHP version is the cause of the issue, and all have the same results.
I’ve tested the tool on a small batch - just 1 page with a handful of attributes.
The current hurdle is two-fold:

  1. The migration tool appears to not automatically match existing attributes when it actually does. Here’s the UI:
    However, what is happening in the database (in the “MigrationContentMapperTargetItems” table) is actually correct. It’s matching the “source_item_identifier” correctly.
    Then when I choose to “map content”, none of those automatic mappings appear.
    Screenshot: Monosnap
    It seems the mappings are correct in the database, but not being loaded (on “map content”) or displayed correctly (on “import content”, instead a list of warnings and errors). I’ve tried running the “rescan batch”, and although that appears to complete successfully, there’s no change in the mappings or warnings/errors.
  2. Manual mappings do not save either. Regardless of the automatic mapping not working, when I try the manual option it still does not work. Same as the previous issue - the database records are there in “MigrationContentMapperTargetItems”. However, after saving there’s no change. So I run “rescan batch” and still there’s no change. All the same warnings and errors appear. If I view the “map content” page again, all my previous changes are not displayed.
    Since the underlying database seems to be correct, I tried exporting the batch at the end of the process and the page is created (in the correct location), although none of the content or attributes are created. So it’s a dud.

I’ve also tried uninstalling the Migration Tool package and reinstalling with a clean slate (double checking the db tables are no longer there after uninstalling) but makes no difference.

Crickets chirping
Noone has managed to get the Migration Tool to work?

Thanks @jb1 - tracking on these issues, looking to take a pass on the migration tool here in the near future to deal with this and some of the other issues in Github. :+1:

Thanks so much @EvanCooper that is a huge relief! My large site migration is effectively halted until I can get the migration tool functioning. Waiting with baited breath.

I’m just commenting because I want to be kept in the loop on this. We have a 5.6 site that we desperately want to upgrade to the latest version of the CMS. (In fact, we’ve tried to find someone to help us, but no one has taken the bait so far.) If I end up having to do this myself, I’m hoping the migration tool can help.

Good news! Andrew just fixed the issue. I’ve downloaded the latest version from Github and it’s working as it’s supposed to now.

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