Missing Add-ons for Concrete CMS

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask the Concrete CMS community - what add-ons are missing and what would you be interested in purchasing? Here are some ideas to get us started:

Advanced user management
Customizable form builder
E-commerce features such as shopping cart and payment gateway integration
Social media integration
Advanced SEO tools
Customizable landing pages

Please share your thoughts and ideas on what add-ons would be beneficial to you and your clients. Thank you in advance for your input!

Best regards, Dariusz

Most if not all are already available?

That is true, there are many add-ons available on the market, but there are always niches where there are no solutions yet or existing add-ons have limited functionality. That is why it is important to listen to user needs and create custom solutions that will be perfectly tailored to their needs. For example, for a client in the medical industry, we could create a module for scheduling online appointments or presenting information on the effectiveness of drugs, which would be a valuable addition for them.

I would very much like to see an invitation like functionality.

The workflow would be that the admin adds the user with an email address only, and this causes an email to be sent with a link to a special page , where the new user gets to fill in all missing data, including a password (i.e. would work more or less like the registration confirmation).

There was an add-on to do this, but hasn’t been updated since prehistory, so is not available any more…

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Looking at the v9 marketplace, all v9 specific theme releases have been for whole site themes. It has been a long time since a dedicated home page or single page theme was released and none since v9 was released, so none specifically targeted at v9.

Creating an advanced Concrete CMS form addon which allows integration options with some of the major CRM systems such as Salesforce, would be very useful.

For CRM systems, if it is just posting forms directly to the CRM then the easy solution is to use their embed codes. This can be as simple as pasting into an HTML block, or to put together a basic custom block to fill in parameters within a generic embed code (in the same way that blocks like Youtube or Google Maps work)

For a solution that integrates between in-site Concrete CMS form handling and 3rd party endpoints, My Form Reform addon facilitates such ( Form Reform - Concrete CMS ). So far its integrated with a few proprietary 3rd party destinations and with Dynamics 365 ( https://c5magic.co.uk/addons/form-reform-dynamics ).

Form Reform doesn’t have a Salesforce integration yet - I am open to offers to do that, or am happy to advise another developer who would like to implement such.

Extending search indexing into PDF files (Ghostscript?).

I’ve actually got an add-on for this, just not in the marketplace. (and a similar one that creates thumbnails from the first page of PDFs).

It’s one of those processes where it generally works ok, but there are some memory and PDF format challenges that can sometimes trip it up, so I’ve felt putting it on the marketplace would be problematic.

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I am currently building a very basic oEmbed Video Player to integrate most of the major Video-Hosters and I think that could have more features as I intend to do.

I’d be really curious for a SEO-plugin that uses the content of a page to push it thorugh chatGPT and automatically produce the best possible meta description, keywords and stuffs.

The late HereNT had an oEmbed solution for c5.6. Its still lurking in the legacy marketplace.

Thank you @mesuva for mentioning your PDF indexing option. I’m glad to know someone with more expertise than me is thinking about it.

For those perusing this forum and trying to decide it ConcreteCMS is a good option, I wanted to add, I appreciate the number of functions (Calendar, Forms, Advanced Permissions, Inline Editing, …) already built into the core of the CMS.

How about overlapping boxes or just images. I know we can do this in the HTML box but a box overlap would be great.
A good form box would be great also.

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